Sharilyn Neidhardt

Design • Development • Vision

Seasoned UX/IA professional with technical experience

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Social Media


Back End Web Development

General Assembly,
Oct 2013 - Jan 2014

Ruby on Rails, version control with GitHub, deployment to Heroku

iOS7 Mobile Development

Code Coalition,
Oct - Dec 2013

Xcode5, Objective C

Front End Web Development

General Assembly,
June - Sep 2013

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Final Project


3rd Ward,
Jan - Feb 2013

Manipulating targets, chaining functions, AJAX

UX/UI and OmniGraffle

3rd Ward,
Oct 2013

User research, personas and scenarios, wireframing with callouts, documentation, user testing


3rd Ward,
Nov - Dec 2012

Data visualization and math-based image manipulation

Relevant Experience

Making stuff is awesome. Complete CV.

Product Designer


User research, creating scenarios and personas, delineating feature set, wireframing, assisting in documentation and project management

UX/IA Design Lead

Dayglo Ventures LLC

Writing user stories, creating collateral, wireframing, colaborating with visual designers, working closely with development teams at Pivotal Labs and Tanooki Suit.

Design Consultant


Consulting and designing for various community projects and artist-run websites.

Design Lead (GUI)


Protoyping, user testing, and technical planning or popular verticals like: Maps, Personals, Classifieds, and Shopping.

Interface Designer

Ikonic Interactive

User research, client relations, visual design, and prototyping for popular sites like Virgin Records America and Gap, Inc.

Sample Work

From sketches to alpha, a social networking site and information resource for fans of live music.

Screen shots from alpha release.


From sketches to screenshots, an online tool for collecting images and tweets about an event.

Other Projects

Final projects, side projects, consulting projects

Wire frames and sitemap for a publishing system.
Wire frames for an information resource about visual art.
Mockup of a mobile game for art lovers on POPapp.
Final for FEWD at GA: City Vernacular.
Final for BEWD at GA: Ruby on Rails prototype for Ten Thousand Hours.
Sharilyn's Paintings.